Traveling North

Home is a pair of worn in sweatpants with a hole in the crotch

That you gave me so that I would never be allowed to forget you

As if I ever could

I realise this as I am on a train home that I will be on all night

The last time I was away from my parent’s home I was only gone three days

When I got back the air was so thick it suffocated my soul

It has been three and a half months and I can no longer call that place home

I am terrified of feeling that way again

But maybe this time will be ok because I know for sure that I can leave

And I brought home with me to get me through the lonely nights

I am on a train and I am surrounded by strangers and I do not feel alone

I am on a train because people who love me are waiting at the last stop

I am on a train and I am tearing up because everything is beautiful at 12:35 am

We are going 59 miles an hour and I feel whole again